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On December 17 female entered a secondhand clothing store and threatened the cashier with a syringe if she did not receive all the cash in the drawer.

This happened at a store called second time around located on Newbury Street.

On December 29 police officers spotted the woman who was suspected of having committed this robbery in the South End of Boston in the area of E. Berkeley St. and Shawmut Avenue. Her name is Sheila King and she now faces charges of armed robbery.

Armed robbery can be committed with more than just Gun. Any weapon which can cause harm if used during a robbery can lead to an armed robbery charge.

Frank Fernandez is a Boston criminal lawyer who has represented clients charged with armed robbery, receiving stolen property, larceny over $250 as well as a variety of other theft related charges.

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At approximately 10:45pm last night Wednesday, May 25, 2011 police responded to the area of Commonwealth and Harvard Ave. for a report by motorist that he had been threatened with a firearm by two other motorists in a silver BMW.

The police were able to stop the vehicle fitting the description with two young men inside, Aram Barseghyam, 28, of Brighton and Aleksandr Yeghiyan, 22, of Watertown. A search of the vehicle revealed a black BB type gun which resembled a real firearm. Both men were arrested and will be arraigned in Brighton District Court on threats to do harm for brandishing what appeared to be a real firearm.

The victim claims that he was engaged in a verbal argument with the two men when the front seat passenger pointed what appeared to be a real firearm at him and stated” next time, bang, you’re dead”. The victim was able to identify the two men the police stopped as the ones involved in the altercation and was also able to identify the weapon is the one pointed at him.

Road rage incidents are becoming more common, in this instance these two men will face brandishing a weapon charges for pulling out what appeared to be a real firearm.

Frank Fernandez is a Boston criminal attorney who handles firearm charges of all kinds including brandishing a firearm, shooting a firearm in public and threats. Firearm charges in Boston and throughout all of Massachusetts are given free consultations; contact us to speak with an attorney now.

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Central bank Burlington was robbed yesterday at 9:34 AM the suspect entered the bank and presented the teller a note threatening deadly force if money was not handed over. The EI believes that this bank robbery may be linked to other bank robberies committed since December 15 in Lynnfield, Malden, Reading, Salem and Westford.

The suspect is described as a 6 foot black male facial hair and wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, he fled the scene on foot. It appears he was able to escape with an undisclosed amount of money. The other bank robberies were similar nature in that threats against bank employees were made.

The first bank robbery occurred on December 15 and savings bank in Lynnfield, that same day at TD bank in Redding was robbed, the next day citizens Bank and Malden was robbed and a handgun and fired by the suspect while leaving the bank.

On December 29 Eastern banking of Westford was robbed and this past Monday TD bank of Salem was robbed.

Bank robberies can be charged in both state and federal court, the decision is made by the US attorney’s office or the District Attorney’s Office. State and federal officials usually act in unison in deciding whether to charge a person and federal or state court with bank robbery. When threats of violence or firearm or dangerous weapon is used it can increase the potential punishment for the crime. Identification is always an issue when a suspect is not caught at the scene. These cases seem to involve surveillance video and it appears that the suspects faces are clearly shown on the video.

An experienced Boston criminal bank robbery attorney needs to be consulted if one is being investigated or arrested for bank robbery. No one should make a statement to the police prior to speaking with an attorney. Frank Fernandez is a Boston criminal attorney who has handled bank robbery cases. Feel free to call for free confidential consultation regarding your case.

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Dedham, Massachusetts resident William Spada shot his wife Patricia Spada then his daughter Deidre Spada before turning the gun on himself in a domestic violence incident which left him and his wife dead and his daughter in the hospital in critical condition. The daughter’s boyfriend was an eyewitness who narrowly escaped the shooting by running out of the house.

Massachusetts has a zero tolerance policy towards acts of domestic violence. If police respond to a home and a party alleges that a threat or an assault occurred they will make an arrest. This is done to avoid the police getting blamed for not diffusing what later can be an explosive situation as the one which occurred yesterday at the Spada home.

The flip side of the zero tolerance policy is that if an arrest is made based on a false allegation of assault or the accusing party no longer wishes to proceed with charges it becomes very difficult to undo. An experienced criminal attorney is needed to help guide you through the Court process. An alleged victim will be summonsed into to court to testify whether they want to proceed with the charges or not. The prosecutor will not just drop assault and battery charges on the whim of the alleged victim.

Keating said Deidre Spada’s 27-year-old boyfriend was inside the house when violence broke out around 1:30 a.m. The boyfriend told authorities that William Spada shot his wife and daughter before shooting himself. The boyfriend avoided becoming a victim himself only because he was able to run out of the house. “He was there when the shooting began. His account is that William Spada had been the shooter,” Keating said. “He ran from the house to make the call. He was still outside when police came.”

For free advice on your own particular situation involving domestic violence or charges of assault and battery, including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and other types of crimes of violence, call boston criminal lawyer Frank Fernandez at 617-393-0250 or e-mail us, serving all of Massachusetts.

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The police have reported that two men, one of them Jose Lorenzo, entered a home in Quincy and encountered four occupants. One occupant was shot in the head but survived a second man was taken hostage and was later released in Dorchester. The two suspects made off with a flat screen TV, computers and cash. It is alleged that Lorenzo’s DNA was found at the scene.

Jose Lorenzo is charged with Armed Assault with Intent to Murder, Assault with Intent to Rob, Armed Robbery, Home Invasion, Larceny of a Motor Vehicle and Kidnapping.

Armed Home Invasion calls for a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years and up to life in prison. You need a criminal lawyer experienced in handling charges of armed home invasion. The State must prove that the suspect entered the home while armed with some type of weapon knowing that a person was inside the home; and that he then used or threatened to use force against the occupant.

In cases of burglary and home invasion identification becomes an issue. An experienced criminal lawyer needs to challenge the method of identification and the eyewitness testimony which places the accused at the scene. Challenges to the procedure of the lineup or photo array shown to the witnesses is a must. Police can taint identification very easily by making a comment which unfairly suggests a suspect to the witness. Procedures for showing a photo array or conducting a lineup are detailed and specific so that no one is unfairly pointed out to the witness.

Frank Fernandez is an experienced criminal lawyer in boston who knows how to challenge identification procedures involved in cases of Home Invasion, Armed Robbery, Armed Assault to Murder and other Crimes of Violence. Please call or e-mail to schedule a Free Confidential Consultation and discuss your specific case with a Boston Criminal Lawyer, Contact Us Online or call 617-393-0250.

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