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The police received a tip that a woman was soliciting men for sex for a fee at the Tewksbury library. An undercover detective responded and quickly was engaged by a woman exchanging notes offering sexual favors for $60. She was arrested for prostitution and it is learned she had outstanding charges for drug possession.

The city of Boston through Mayor Walsh has recently announced a new tactic for combating sex trafficking by targeting the John’s when it comes to prostitution.
Usually it is the prostitute who is arrested and charged with a crime when it comes to prostitution. This new tactic will offer more support and services to prostitutes to help them get off the streets.

By targeting the demand, the John’s, it is expected that shaming these people through public criminal charges that the demand may dry up.

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Two men were convicted in Taunton district court of threatening law enforcement related to a wrap video they had posted online in which a massachusetts state trooper and probation officer were directly threatened by name. One of the men Jason Foley, 29, was convicted of witness intimidation and threatening to commit a crime. He was sentenced to two years probation and banned from accessing the internet or using a computer.

A Fairhaven man will spend a year in jail fro his role in producing the video. The video has been removed from the internet.

Threats to commit a crime is treated seriously in massachusetts. Threats charges can carry more sever penalties if the threats are against public employees or police officers. If you are charged with threats to commit a crime call boston criminal lawyer Frank Fernandez, 617-393-0250, or e-mail to receive a free confidential consultation regarding your case.

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